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Peter Rosenfeld

Peter Rosenfeld

After finishing his education and business studies in Kiel, Germany, in 1980, Peter Rosenfeld started his first position in the font production department at Dr. Hell in Kiel, a once well-known company in the area of CRT/laser composing and scanning systems. It was there where he first got in touch with digital type, still in bitmap form at that time.

He joined URW in Hamburg in 1982, and a little later he became the manager of the URW font studio. He says: "All I am in this small font business, and all I know about font technology, I owe to Peter Karow. I had the luck to work very closely for and with this visioneer and pioneer of our industry for more than a decade."

After 25 years of experience with type in all aspects, Peter, although not a type designer himself, has become a true lover of both old and new typefaces. That is why he, together with his partner J├╝rgen Willrodt, started yet another font label called Profonts, to bring back to life old gems of script and display type, digitally remastered in the new OpenType format, enhancing the joy and usability for type lovers around the globe.

On March 1, 1995, Peter was a co-founder of URW++, a URW spin-off group of design and production experts.

[Peter Rosenfeld, April 2007]

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