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David Heller

David Heller is one of the founders of Woodside Graphics, which was founded in 1993 as Arroyo-Style in Pasadena, California. It began as an old-house restoration and consultation service, specializing in Craftsman and Arts & Crafts-style homes and gardens, and evolved into a graphic design firm through its work with The Gamble House, an Arts and Crafts-designed house-museum in Pasadena.

In 2002, the company relocated to the coast of Oregon, and the name was changed to Woodside Graphics to better reflect its new location and services. Woodside Graphics produces a small font collection which includes G&G, the only authentic digital version of the handlettering of early Pasadena Architects Charles and Henry Greene.

[David Heller, April 2005]

Fonts designed by David Heller

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