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Robert Schenk

Information about the typeface designer Robert Schenk and his fonts.

Robert Schenk began developing PostScript typefaces in 1988, and released his first fonts as shareware for the Macintosh. In 1990 he published typefaces with Educorp, and in 1993 he developed a CD of 150 fonts, Font Pro 2, which was published by Wayzata Technology. This was followed by a second CD of 125 typefaces, Font Pro 3, and a third CD of 150 typefaces, Font Pro 5.

However Wayzata went out of business in 1996, so Robert republished the fonts himself under the title No-Hype Type CD, mainly sold via on-line auctions. In 2002 Robert moved the fonts to, where they are now available individually.

Robert is currently Professor of Economics at Saint Joseph's College, Rensselaer, Indiana, USA. In addition to his passion for designing typefaces he has also written programs to design mazes, and has published two books of unusual and original mazes with Dover Publications.



Fonts designed by Robert Schenk (A-C):

  A-C  D-I  J-N  O-R  S-V  W-Z  

Abagail Jackson
Accrued Interest
Acorn Swash
Acorn Swash Alternate
Albert Betenbuch
Albert Betenbuch Extrude
All Smiles
Anarckhie Shadow
Andrew Andreas
Andrew Andreas Extra Bold
Andrew Andy College
Andrew Andy Stencil
Antsy Pantsy
Argenta (Ingrimayne)
Argenta Bob Squish
Argenta Bobb Wig
Argenta Bobbed
Baker Half Bare
Baker Half Dozen
Baker Half White
Baumfuss Two
Bear Butte
Bear Butte Special
Bene Crypt Shadow
Bene Cryptine
Bene Cryptine Antique
Bene Scriptine
Better Euroika
Better Ingriana
Better Type Right
Better Type Right Spec
Bluster Left
Bluster Right
Bring In The Frowns
Buggy Font
Bumber Shoot
Cennerik Extra Bold
Chain Letter
Chain Letter Alternate
Coffee Mug
Concav Warp
Concavex Caps
Craggy Condensed
Crippled Font

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