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Craig Stainton

Information about the typeface designer Craig Stainton and his fonts.

My interest in lettering started when I was a kid in my home town of Newcastle. Graffiti was my introduction to lettering and for a while I was a graffiti tagger, practising new letter styles and shapes. This later developed into an interest in type design at Leeds Metropolitan University, where I was inspired by the crop of new type designers using Fontographer, foundries such as Emigré and Brody's FUSE experiments.

I started to design my own fonts to use on techno record labels and other projects. SelfBuild was born of necessity: I often found the fonts available to me were not suitable for the job in hand and so constructed or designed my own.

[Craig Stainton, August 2002]

Fonts designed by Craig Stainton:

SB Basement
SB Byte
SB Censor
SB Degenerate
SB Expo
SB Grip
SB Liquid Open
SB Liquid Solid
SB Message Line
SB Message Open
SB Message Solid
SB Modem
SB Navigator
SB Superbloc
SB Tokyo
SB Vibe
SB Websnap

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