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Scangraphic was founded in 1981 to develop phototypesetting machines for the printing industry.

In 2004 the Scangraphic font library of over 1000 typefaces was released in digital format. Many typefaces are provided in two versions: an SB version spaced and kerned for setting body text, and an SH version for headlines.

Fonts published by Scangraphic (A):

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Aachen SB
Aachen SB Bold
Aachen SH Bold
Aachen SH Medium
Algerian SB
Alte Schwabacher SB
Amalthea SB
Amalthea SB Black
Amalthea SH
Amalthea SH Black
Americana SB
Americana SB Black
Artscript No. 1 SB Bold
Artscript No. 1 SB Regular
Artscript No. 1 SH Bold
Artscript No. 1 SH Regular
Artscript SH
Aster SB
Aster SH
Augustea Open SB