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Alejandro Lo Celso

Alejandro Lo Celso

Information about the typeface designer Alejandro Lo Celso and his fonts.

Alejandro Lo Celso (1970) is an information and typeface designer born in Córdoba, Argentina. He has worked as an art director at different media, has taught typography at several institutions, and has collaborated with some design magazines. He holds a MA in type design at the University of Reading, UK, and a research diplôme at the ANRT, Atelier National de Recherche Typographique, Nancy, France.

He has given seminars and workshops on type in Argentina, Chile, France, and Mexico, and his work has been published in various international design magazines. In 2001 he created PampaType, an independent digital foundry, through which he has published award-winning typefaces such as Rayuela, Quimera, Borges Blanca, and Arlt Titulo.

He currently is a co-director of the Center of Advanced Studies on Design (, a professor at the Editorial Design Master program, Anáhuác University, Mexico city (, and a professor at the Typographic Design Master in Centro Gestalt, Veracruz, Mexico.

Alejandro lives in Cholula, Puebla, Mexico.

[Alejandro Lo Celso, July 2006]


Fonts designed by Alejandro Lo Celso:

Arlt Blanca
Arlt Lanzallamas
Arlt Titulo
Borges Blanca
Borges Negra
Borges Poema
Borges Super Negra
Borges Titulo
Borges Titulo Hueca
Margarita Italic
Margarita Luce
Margarita Luce Italic
Perec Ludique Cubes
Perec Ludique Oncle Jacques
Perec Ludique Pochoir
Perec Super Negra
Quimera Blanca
Quimera Compacta
Quimera Negra
Quimera Super Negra
Rayuela Blanca
Rayuela Chocolate
Rayuela Luz
Rayuela Miscelanea
Rayuela Negra

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