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Bob Aufuldish

Bob Aufuldish is a partner in Aufuldish & Warinner (San Anselmo, California, USA) and an Associate Professor at the California College of Arts and Crafts (San Francisco, USA), where he teaches graphic design, typography, and is Design Director of Sputnik CCAC, a student-staffed design office producing work for the College.

FontBoy, a digital type foundry, was launched in 1995 to manufacture and distribute fonts designed by Mr Aufuldish and his partner Kathy Warinner. An interactive catalog for FontBoy was published in the third edition of Philip Meggs' "A History of Graphic Design," and can be downloaded at

He has participated in a number of exhibitions, including, "Icons: Magnets of Meaning", at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, and "Can U Dig It?" at Postmasters Gallery in New York. His work has been included in competitions, exhibitions and publications sponsored by The American Center for Design, The American Institute of Graphic Arts, Communication Arts Magazine, Critique Magazine, Design Net Magazine (Korea), Graphis Magazine, How Magazine, ID Magazine, Mediamatic Magazine, The New York Type Directors' Club, Print Magazine, See: a Journal of Visual Culture, University and College Designers Association, and Zed, the journal of the Center for Design Studies, among others. He has a BFA and MFA in graphic design from Kent State University, Ohio, USA.

[Bob Aufuldish, November 2002]

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