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Damien Gautier

Damien Gautier was born in 1971. He's a graphic designer, co-founder of Trafik in Lyon (France).

He studied typography at the "Atelier de création typographique" in Paris with Franck Jalleau and Michel Derre.

He has created few fonts: LeBeaune (corporate font for the famous town in Burgundy), LeConfiserie, LeBoucherie, LeQuincaillerie, LeChaufferie, etc. under the label "Trafik Marchandises". LeChaufferie won a price in the contest "Buk:varaz!" (AtypI in Roma)

The corporate fonts "S-Types" for Salomon, created by Trafik, won the second price in the Agfa Monotype Ltd Trophés d'Or in 2003.

His fonts are available on

[Damien Gautier, June 2004]


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