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Rick Valicenti

Rick Valicenti, founder of Thirst and, is one of the very first designers chosen for ID Magazine's 40, and a member of the Alliance Graphique Internationale. He has served as President of the Society of Typographic Arts, board member for the Chicago AIGA chapter, and jury member for the President's Design Awards under two previous administrations.

Rick regularly participates in college workshops, including recent ones at Cranbrook, and CalArts. He also designed some of today's most recognised fonts such as Ultra Bronzo, Punch, and recent type designs in collaboration with his Thirstype partner, chester. These collaborative designs include, Infinity, Apex Sans and Apex Serif, and Alexey.

Rick continues to contribute his time and energies to college and high school students through personal critiques and conversations about design and professional practice.

[Rick Valicenti, July 2003]

Fonts designed by Rick Valicenti

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