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Stefán Kjartansson

Stefán Kjartansson

Stefán Kjartansson serves as partner and creative director for Armchair Media - As such he implements the design and functionality for interactive television, the Web, and wireless services.

Most recently, he served as creative director for and where he oversaw usability, visual strategy and production for all online products and marketing materials. Kjartansson's vision has helped to shape the Internet experience of millions of people. Under his supervision, the CNN sites won nearly every major design and usability award in the interactive industry.

Kjartansson's designs are infused with Scandinavian style and sensibilities. Key to his aesthetic lexicon is balance, simplicity and contrast. Like the ubiquitous Nordic snow, Kjartansson's work blankets every major medium from the Web to TV commercials, children's books to interactive television, the painter's canvass to the creation of two original fonts.

Named after his nation's capital, the Reykjavik font serves as the signature script for Armchair Media.

Garage Fonts and Macromedia judges Neville Brody and David Carson recognized his creation of the Caligula font. A devout modernist, Kjartansson draws inspiration from the stark white landscape of his native Iceland.

[Stefán Kjartansson, July 2002]

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