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Nicholas Kis (1650-1702)

A Hungarian born in Transylvania who worked in Amsterdam, Miklós Tótfalusi Kis (Nicholas Kis) produced some of the greatest types in the Dutch Old Style which have been used as models for a number of 20th century typefaces.

He studied theology and was sent to Holland by the Transylvanian church to supervise the printing of their Bible. He became fascinated by the process and decided to acquire the skills himself. He decided to do his own Bible using his own designs. When he arrived back in Hungary eventually, he started a printing press. Soon, his life was threatened by his opponents, who were hostile to his new orthography and his cheap textbooks.

In 1698 he wrote his Apologia - a defence of his life's work. The Church Synod sentenced him to public penance and withdrew his Apologia. He died defeated and in penury at the age of 52.


Fonts designed by Nicholas Kis

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