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Nicolas Jenson (1420-1481)

Nicolas Jenson was one of the first in France to become eminent at printing. In 1458, King Charles VII of France, having received information of the invention of printing in Maintz, sent Nicolas Jenson or Jensonius, an engraver of coins and medals in Paris, there in order to study this new art. When he returned to Paris, the King was dead. With his newfound knowledge he retired to Venice and started letter-founding and printing. He was the first to present the form and proportion of the Roman font in 1471. Everyone soon copied his roman type.

In the 20th century, Jenson was idolised by William Morris and his followers. He stood for a world where the printer, binder, illuminator etc all worked together as a team, and became a cult figure.

"Yet Jenson still preserved neatness, while others were much degenerated."


Fonts designed by Nicolas Jenson

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