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Rae Kaiser

Rae Kaiser

Information about the typeface designer Rae Kaiser and her fonts.

At the risk of being "too inside", Outside the Line type designer Rae Kaiser can best be described by revealing, her favorite movie is Helvetica. Rae is that unique blend of incredible design sense with savvy business acumen. Stereotypically uncommon among artists. This translates into design that is "fun with a purpose".

Blessed as a child with the knowledge (and ability) she would one day be an artist, her designs have garnered international awards and more importantly to her, praise among her clients and peers.

Rae says, "It is the perfect job. I get to wander around in my pjs thinking creative thoughts and making fonts. I am good with type. Love type, am fascinated with type. So I make fonts. The pj’s part is just icing!"

[Rae Kaiser, November 2008]

Fonts designed by Rae Kaiser (A-M):

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Ad Words
Architectural Lettering
Baby Doodles
Best Regardz
Birthday Doodles
Blobs Brushstrokes Balloons
Chicago Doodles
Christmas Doodles
Christmas Doodles Too
Coffee Tea Doodles
Cordially Yourz
Cowboy Doodles
Cross Stitch
Curly Q
Dearest John
Diva Doodles
Diva Doodles Too
Doodles the Alphabet Black
Doodles the Alphabet Line
Doodles Too
Drop Cap One
Farm Doodles
Fleurons of Paris
Flourishes and Ornaments
Flower and Leaf Borders
Flower Doodles
Fondly Yourz
Food Doodles
Food Doodles Too
Frames and Banners
Frames and Borders
Frames and Borders Too
Fruit and Veggie Doodles
Guy Doodles
Happy Hour Doodles
Hat Doodles
Heart Doodles
Heart Doodles Too
Hearts and Swirls
Hearts and Swirls Too
Hodgepodge Handlettered
Holiday and Party Words
Holiday Doodles
Holiday Doodles Too
Home Sweet Home Dingbats
House Doodles
Just Animals
Just Christmas
Just Fall Holidays
Just Flower Pots
Just Frames
Just Shoes and Purses
Kitchen Doodles
Knitting and Sewing Doodles
Lake Vacation Doodles
London Doodles

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