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John Hudson

John Hudson was born in Bristol UK, in 1968, and spent his childhood in South Wales. He moved to Canada with his parents in 1978, and has resided in Vancouver ever since. Before becoming involved in type, he worked for a few years in the antiquarian book trade, and still spends more money than is sensible on books.

He began designing type in the early 1990s, with the encouragement of Gerald Giampa of the Lanston Type Co., and in 1994 he established Tiro Typeworks with Ross Mills. Tiro specialises in custom font solutions for multilingual computing and publishing.

Hudson has designed types for the Latin, Greek and Hebrew scripts, and has won awards for Cyrillic type design and his 'outstanding contribution to the development of Cyrillic typography and international typographic communications'. He has collaborated on the design of Arabic and Ethiopic typefaces.

Tiro's customers include Microsoft Corp., Linotype Library GmbH, and the Society of Biblical Literature's Font Foundation. Hudson's early Type 1 retail types (Aeneas and Manticore) are no longer for sale, although they may one day be redesigned and revived as OpenType fonts.

[John Hudson, July 2003]


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