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Richard Hubbard

I received my BFA in Art & Design from Pratt Institute in 1993. It was at Pratt that I developed my skills in illustration and graphic design on the Macintosh. I focused on using programs like FreeHand to create high quality PostScript illustrations. I also learned page layout and graphic design, and took classes in typography, among others. Many of my projects were created using the Macintosh, and I was a computer lab technician at school. These experiences have helped me become the expert I am today using the Macintosh.

After graduating, I expanded my knowledge to other areas of the Macintosh. I decided, just for fun, to create a font of my own handwriting. I had no idea that it would become part of my career! I had fun doing it and I was impressed with the results. I continued to develop fonts and now I'm at a point where I can start selling them as I have a small collection of them.

I turned my handwriting into a font because I've never seen writing like mine anywhere. I felt that it was unique enough for a font. It will be such a great experience to see how other designers use my font in publications, etc.

I do freelance graphic design work for a local weekly newspaper, along with being a Mac Technician, an instructor for a local community college, and professional jobs using Photoshop and QuarkXPress. I also create web pages, including Flash animation.

[Richard Hubbard, May 2002]

Fonts designed by Richard Hubbard

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