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Gerald Gallo

Gerald Gallo

Information about the typeface designer Gerald Gallo and his fonts.

Gerald Gallo established Graphics by Gallo in 1974.

Although offering an extensive range of graphic design services, he specializes in the design of logos, trademarks, service marks, symbols, icons, and letterforms. He has had work published in major design magazines and books featuring his design specialties. He has received awards in local and national design competitions and from companies in the trade who recognize design excellence.

While designing trademarks and logotypes, he often designed unique lettering. It was a natural step to create entire alphabets from some of these designs. He continues to produce commercially available alphabetical, ornament, and speciality fonts which are available from and

Gerald Gallo lives and works in Bethesda, Maryland and is a member of the American Institute of Graphic Arts. He is a veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps, enjoys sports car racing, fresh water fishing, running, and trekking the Swiss Alps.

[Gerald Gallo, January 2002, January 2007]


Fonts designed by Gerald Gallo (A-F):

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Americana Ornaments
Art Nouveau Ornaments
Basic Bullets
Birds Flying
Calendar Font One
Calendar Font Three
Calendar Font Two
Charisma (Gallo)
Cross Ornaments
Cross Stitch Basic
Cross Stitch Carefree
Cross Stitch Classic
Cross Stitch Coarse
Cross Stitch Cursive
Cross Stitch Delicate
Cross Stitch Discreet
Cross Stitch Formal
Cross Stitch Gothic
Cross Stitch Graceful
Cross Stitch Monogram
Cross Stitch Noble
Cross Stitch Simple
Cross Stitch Solid
Diamond Monogram Three Characters
Diamond Monogram Two Characters
Display Art One
Display Art Three
Display Art Two
Display Chamfer
Display Dots One
Display Dots Three Sans
Display Dots Three Serif
Display Dots Two Sans
Display Dots Two Serif
Display Exquisite
Display Intense
Display Prominent
Elegant Ornaments
Embossed Deep
Embossed Medium
Embossed Shallow
Fish Fresh
Fleuron Ornaments
Floral Ornaments
Foliage Ornaments
Folk Art Flowers

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