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David Vereschagin

David Vereschagin is the owner and type designer at Quadrat Communications in Toronto. Born in Edmonton, Canada, in 1957, David received a humble BFA degree from the University of Alberta in 1980. Despite the highly Swiss approach to graphic design taught at the university at the time, David fell under the heady influence of Postmodernism and took as his credo: "My house is not the Bauhaus". His subsequent career, however, totally refutes this assertion as almost all his work since displays a distinctly Modernist feel and approach.

An independent graphic designer since the late 1970s, he has always had a keen interest in type and typography. He moved to Toronto, Canada, in 1983 and founded Quadrat Communications in 1988. In 1992 he joined with Linda Gustfason in a book design partnership, Counterpunch, which further developed his appreciation of type and typography. Using the opportunity provided by the appearance of Fontographer, he began apprenticing himself in the craft of type design seriously in the early 1990s, initially reviving old fonts for use in book projects. He continues to attempt to retain an appreciation and respect for historical type design in his own designs. Finding much contemporary type design sterile and focussed on style instead of substance, David attempts to retain the human touch in most of his work.

[David Vereschagin, July 2009]

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