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A design studio founded in 1986 by designers G√ľnther Flake and Veronika Elsner and based in Hamburg, Germany.

Elsner+Flake digitised many of the original typefaces in the ITC library, and distribute their own versions of these typefaces, extended with additional characters.

Elsner+Flake have also published versions of many classic typefaces, as well as several original EF typefaces.

Fonts published by Elsner+Flake (A):

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Aachen (EF)
EF ABC Vario 1
EF ABC Vario 2
EF ABC Vario 3
EF Abetka
Accolade (EF)
EF Advera Stencil
EF Afrodite Filly
EF Afrodite Funky
EF Afrodite Ready
EF Algerian
EF Aliens Original
EF Alte Schwabacher
EF Alternate Gothic No. One
EF Alternate Gothic No. Three
EF Alternate Gothic No. Two
ITC American Typewriter (EF)
EF Americana
ITC Anna (EF)
Annlie (EF)
EF Aranea
EF Arston Stencil
EF Artemisia Light
EF Aster
EF Augustea Open
EF Autograph Script Light
EF Autograph Sketch One
ITC Avant Garde (EF)
ITC Avant Garde Mono