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Robbie de Villiers

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Robbie de Villiers

Robbie de Villiers was born in Worcester, South Africa, in 1948, studied at the Cape Technicon, Cape Town, and received his graphic design diploma summa cum laude in 1970. He studied calligraphy with Werner Prisi while working at Rupert International and fell in love with typography.

Robbie became a partner at Janice Ashby Design Studios and from there moved to New York as Creative director for Siegel & Gale Branding. In 1990 he started his own company in Wilton Connecticut creating type, naming, corporate ID's, collateral and web designs.

Robbie's daughter, Michelle, joined him in 2001 as senior designer and PJ his son is an accomplished illustrator. In 2005 together with his wife, the family team created 6 children's books published by Random House. Robbie's most successful fonts to date are: Duet, Cilantro, Benjamin, Gelato, About Face, and Nobodi.

[Robbie de Villiers, September 2005]

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