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James Grieshaber

James Grieshaber

Information about the typeface designer James Grieshaber and his fonts.

James Grieshaber earned a BFA in Graphic Design from Rochester Institute of Technology. He was on staff of P22 type foundry and helped establish International House of Fonts. He has been honored with awards of Excellence in Type Design from Association Typographique International (for Gothic Gothic) and TypeArt'05 (for Operina Cyrillic).

Designer and Co-editor of the Indie Fonts book series, Grieshaber now teaches typography at RIT and runs Typeco, his own type design studio, in Rochester, NY.

His type designs include P22 Arts and Crafts Tall, P22 Arts and Crafts Hunter, P22 Posada, P22 Art Deco Chic, P22 Cusp, P22 Gothic Gothic, P22 Operina, Glyphic Neue, Chunkfeeder, Cypher, Super Duty, Trapper, P22 Woodtype, P22 Cezanne Pro, P22 Nemismatic, P22 Yule, and P22 Operina Pro.

[James Grieshaber, March 2006]


Fonts designed by James Grieshaber:

P22 Art Deco Chic
P22 Art Deco Display
P22 Arts and Crafts Hunter
P22 Arts and Crafts Tall
Atomic Age
Black Ops One
P22 Cezanne Pro
P22 Cusp Round
P22 Cusp Round Slant
P22 Cusp Square
P22 Cusp Square Slant
P22 Cusp Three Dee
Cypher 7
Glyphic Neue Medium
Glyphic Neue Narrow
Glyphic Neue Wide
Gothic Gothic
P22 Numismatic
P22 Operina Corsivo
P22 Operina Romano
P22 Posada
P22 Posada Extras
P22 Posada Irregular
Reenie Beanie
Segoe Print
Super Duty Closed Round Heavy
Super Duty Closed Round Light
Super Duty Closed Sharp Heavy
Super Duty Closed Sharp Light
Super Duty Round Heavy
Super Duty Round Light
Super Duty Sharp Heavy
Super Duty Sharp Light
Trapper Round
Trapper Sharp
P22 Yule Heavy
P22 Yule Inline

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