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Gábor Kóthay

Gábor Kóthay

Information about the typeface designer Gábor Kóthay and his fonts.

Gábor Kóthay was born in 1962. He is a type designer, multi-disciplinary artist, and art teacher. He is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts, Budapest, and has been designing professionally since 1991. His work has been showcased in annuals and magazines including Creative Review, Item, and Punctum, and he has won multiple awards for his installations.

He, his wife, and daughters make their home in Szeged, Hungary. Gábor describes his town as "quite human/comfortable".

His type collection is called Fontana. His typefaces also can be found in the T26, Psy/Ops, and International House of Fonts type libraries.

[Gábor Kóthay, January 2003]


Fonts designed by Gábor Kóthay (A-O):

  A-O  P-Z  

Alphabet Alphabats
Anglia Olde
Anglia Script
Aquamarine Decor Cameo
Aquamarine Decor Ornaments
Aquamarine Engraved
Aquamarine Floral Caps One
Aquamarine Floral Caps Two
Aquamarine Swash
Aquamarine Titling
Betabet Sans
Betabet Web
Betabet Web Betabats
Blackbox Mono Sans
Blackbox Mono Sans Bold
Blackbox Mono Serif
Blackbox Mono Serif Bold
Caffe Cappuccino
Caffe Lemonade
Caffe Pastry
Caffe Poster
Caffe Poster Inline
Caffe Tobacco
Dessau Alt
Dessau Drei
Dessau Fein
Dessau Neu
Dessau Plakat
Dessau Stenzil
Dessau Stenzil Variant
Dessau Zukunft
Dessau Zwei
Driade Aged
Driade Linea
Incognito Italic
Incognito Meridies
Incognito Occidens
Incognito Oriens
Incognito Septentrio
La Danse
Laureate Four
Laureate One
Laureate Three
Laureate Two
Minerva Display Antiqua
Minerva Display Caelatura
Minerva Display Scalptura
Minerva Modern

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