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Amondó Szegi

Amondó Szegi

Amondó Szegi was born in Szentes, Hungary, in 1964, and is a designer, painter, and performer. He lives in Budapest and now works as freelance designer.

He has worked as a bookshop assistant, worker, newspaper editor, electrician, and boilerman. He is a co-founder of the Fontana Type Foundry (Szeged). He has been designing typefaces since 1999. His typefaces can be found in both the T-26 type library and P22/IHOF. Among his most well known typeface designs are Telegdi Antique and Mantra (P22/IHOF) and Xodus, Kozma Ornaments, Alian Ornaments, Glosso, Iskola and Melico (T-26).

[Amondó Szegi, July 2006]


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