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Steve Matteson

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Steve Matteson

Steve Matteson is a graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology where he studied printing and typography, and he has been involved with various aspects of type production since 1987. He directed custom type development for AGFA-Monotype until 2003, when he left to co-found Ascender Corporation, a new company specializing in corporate type consultancy.

With expertise in TrueType production, type design and typographic layout, Steve spends his spare time far away from computers... usually cycling or trail running, but sometimes carving letters in stone.

He has a wife, a daughter, a child on the way and two Labrador retrievers. Some of his type designs include: a revival of Fred Goudy's Truesdell, Andy - based on a friend's lefty handwriting, Fineprint - a design based on his own writing on a really good day, and Andale - a sans serif family which includes Thai, Hebrew and Arabic.

[Steve Matteson, June 2004]


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