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Jan Erasmus

Jan Erasmus

Information about the typeface designer Jan Erasmus and his fonts.

Jan Erasmus was born in Kroonstad, South Africa, in 1952, and studied Graphic Design in 1972-1975 at Johannesburg Technikon and at Philadelphia College of Art during 1977-1978.

After working for a few years he started a partnership in Graphic Design, Pinpoint Graphics, in Johannesburg. After 7 years he left to set up his own Graphic Design studio in 1990 called CyberGraphics.

He still lives in Kensington, Johannesburg with his son and 2 Burmese cats. Among his most well know typeface designs are Thornface, Transition, Nando's, and the FIFA World Cup 2010 font Menyaka. He has also done a few proprietary typeface design for consistency in Brand personality expression for agencies.

[Jan Erasmus, January 2007]


Fonts designed by Jan Erasmus:

Azania Extra Bold
Azania Tuscan
Azania Tuscan Extruded
Azania Tuscan Outline
Lalibela Bold
Lalibela Bold Alternate
Pixeluxe Binary
Pixeluxe Death
Pixeluxe Eco
Pixeluxe Love
Pixeluxe Peace
Pixeluxe Soccer
Sade Bold
Thornface Extra Sharp
Thornface Semi Sharp
Thornface Sharp
Transition Lining
Transition SC

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