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Jamie Nazaroff

In the fall of 1974, in the little Quebec suburb of Pointe-Claire, a baby was born. He was no ordinary baby, no. Something was different. Throughout his youth he was quiet, and artistic, and had a knack for disassembling electronics. He would draw and sketch on just about any given medium; including walls and/or people. Throughout his teens, he developed a fondness for comic books, and soon dreamt of becoming the next great comic book artist, coming along to smash the ego-centric likes of other artists like Todd McFarlane. Clearly, he had no grasp on irony at the time.

And then it happened...

In his 21st year, a strange and miraculous accident happened. He was wandering through an abandoned studio and from out of nowhere he was bitten by an enchanted Tria marker. Stunned, he fell into a vat of radioactive Pantone 382C. On that moment, his life changed.

He soon opened up his first design studio, where he worked on numerous jobs for numerous clients before becoming frustrated with a lack of interesting typefaces to suit his designs. Unshaken, he decided he would design his own typefaces for his own projects. Later, upon the urging of a fellow designer, he started Zang-O-Fonts, became a founding member of the Chank Army and began selling his typefaces worldwide.

[Jamie Nazaroff, March 2007]

Fonts designed by Jamie Nazaroff

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