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Hoefler & Co.

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Hoefler & Co.

Hoefler & Co.

Hoefler Type Foundry was founded in 1989 by Jonathan Hoefler. His typeface designs include Hoefler Text (Apple) for Apple Computer, provided as part of the Macintosh operating system.

In 1999 Tobias Frere-Jones left Font Bureau to join Hoefler, and in 2004 the company became Hoefler & Frere-Jones. In 2014 Frere-Jones left the company, and the company was renamed Hoefler & Co.

President Barack Obama used Hoefler & Co.’s Gotham for his campaign, and both the Biden-Harris campaign and the Biden White House used the Hoefler & Co. typefaces Decimal and Mercury.

In September 2021 Hoefler & Co. was acquired by Monotype Imaging.


Twitter: @HoeflerCo

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