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Richard Starkings

Richard Starkings has worked in the comic book industry as a cartoonist, writer, colourist, production manager and publisher, but is primarily known for his work as a lettering artist. He founded the Comicraft Design and Lettering studio with John Roshell in 1992 and Comicraft's unique line fonts were made commercially available at starting in 1995.

Starkings' team of crack international Comicraftsmen are best known for their work on Battle Chasers, Danger Girl, The Red Star, Superman and the X-Men. Outside of his role as Comicraft's First Tiger, Starkings is slightly less well known for his cartoon strip at, and as the creator of the Hippopotamime Information Agent, Hip Flask.

[Richard Starkings, November 2001]

Fonts designed by Richard Starkings

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