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Paulo Goode

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Paulo Goode

Paulo Goode

Paulo Goode was born in Birmingham, UK, in 1969. His passion for type was forged in his childhood where he would enjoy drawing his own designs for fictitious sports cars and heavy metal bands. At the age of 17, he began full-time employment as a technical illustrator where he developed his craft for disciplined, precise artwork. By the mid-1990s he turned his eye more toward graphic design and flourished when taking a position as an artworker/designer at a leading design house in Dublin, Ireland.

Paulo jumped into the world of freelance design in 1999 and has enjoyed relative success since. It was also around that time that he first began creating his own typefaces, but was unable to find the time to further this hobby into a career. He rekindled his passion for type design at the end of 2014 and released his first two font families, Carrig and Woodford Bourne, during 2015.

[Paulo Goode, August 2015]


Twitter: @paulogoode

Fonts designed by Paulo Goode