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Leon Hulst

Leon Hulst

Leon Hulst is the founder of TypeFaith Fonts and WAT ontwerpers (WAT design), established in Utrecht, The Netherlands, and is interested in music, design, and people. He studied Graphic Design at HKU, Utrecht School of the Arts in Utrecht. After finishing the HKU in 1990 he started a designer's collective called WAT ontwerpers in Utrecht and Amsterdam. He designs typefaces for his own use the name TypeFaith Fonts, and if they are good enough he publishes them for sale or freeware.

His interest in fonts started during his studies at the art school. Brody and Emigre inspired him at that time. First he started to scan old lead type fonts for his own use; not many fonts were digital at that time. A bit later he start designing typefaces himself. Designing fonts is due to a desire for more uniqueness of the graphic designs they create at WAT ontwerpers. The idea that other people use his fonts is very satisfying. Many of the fonts were created by playing with type to create logos and posters. These are often free to use; you can find them on the TypeFaith Fonts web site.

His most well known typeface designs are Salamanca TF, Read My Hand, Ponsi Slab, and Lev Serif.

[Leon Hulst, August 2013]


Twitter: @lonssy

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