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Win Wang

Win Wang was the head of a successful graphic design studio in New Haven, Connecticut, before joining Adobe Systems. He spent eight years with Adobe as a design manager, senior art director and graphic designer. He left in 1996. He is currently the design director at Square Two Design, whose clients include Adobe, IBM, Intel, and Netscape.

In 1989, he began lecturing at Yale University School of Art, teaching graduate students until 1998. He was also a visiting fellow at Munich's Akademie der Bildenden Künste and Berlin's Hochschule der Künste. In 2003, he was appointed dean of the School of Design at the Central Academy of Fine Arts, one of the most influential art schools in China. He is also an honorary professor of the Fine Art College at Shanghai's University.

In 2001, he worked on the Chinese bid for the 2008 Olympics, and subsequently was a consultant for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games Committee. His work has been exhibited internationally, at shows such as the Biennial of Graphic Design in Brno and Beijing's Graphic Design Show.

[LC, December 2009]

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