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František Štorm

František Štorm

Information about the typeface designer František Štorm and his fonts.

František Štorm was born in 1966 in Prague, Czech Republic. He graduated in 1991 from the Academy of Applied Arts in Prague where he studied book and type design under professor Jan Solpera, and was an assistant at the same studio between 1991-1995.

In 1993 founded the Storm Type Foundry, and today is a freelance type-designer, photographer, xylographer and howling computer programmer.

[František Štorm, November 2001]


Fonts designed by František Štorm (A-E):

  A-E  F-L  M-S  T-Z  

Abald A
Academica Light Pro
Academica Text Pro
Amor Sans
Amor Sans Text
Amor Serif
Amor Serif Text
Andulka Sans
Andulka Sans Medium Bold
Andulka Text
Anselm Sans
Anselm Serif
Anselm Ten
Antique Ancienne
Antique Moderne
Antique Regent
Bahnhof Outline
Bahnhof Solid
Bahnhof Ultra
Baskerville 10
Baskerville 10 Bold
Baskerville 120
Baskerville 120 Bold
Baskerville Ornaments
Bhang Strong
ITC Biblon
Biblon Pro
Defender 12
Defender 22
Defender 32
Dyna Grotesk
Dyna Grotesk Demi
Enamelplate A
Enamelplate A Ghost
Enamelplate A Left Slanted
Enamelplate B
Enamelplate C
Enamelplate D
Etelka Light Pro
Etelka Medium Pro
Etelka Monospace Pro
Etelka Narrow Light Pro
Etelka Narrow Medium Pro
Etelka Narrow Text Pro
Etelka Text Pro
Etelka Wide Light Pro
Etelka Wide Medium Pro
Etelka Wide Text Pro
Excelsor Script

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