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Mark van Wageningen

Information about the typeface designer Mark van Wageningen and his fonts.

Mark van Wageningen studied graphic design at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. 

Since his graduation in 1995 he has worked as an independent (typo)graphic designer for clients such as publishing houses, cultural, educational and business organisations. 

His first published typeface, Stavba (1995), can be considered as an expression of his admiration for Paul Renner's Futura. He published Linotype Laika (1997), Linotype Cerny (1997), and Linotype Sjablony (1998) on the Linotype TakeType 2 CD. In 2002 he published NT Zkumavka at 2rebels.

Since 1998 he has been working on his Gagarin Family project, the only typeface with its own genealogical register. His goal is to make Gagarin the biggest and most degenerated family in modern digital typography. Anna, Boris, Christa, Dmitri, Elena, Fjodor, Gregor, Hektor, Igor, Jouri, Kurt, Leonora, Magda, Rudolf, and Quirina Gagarin are proud members of the family Gagarin which is published at 2rebels.

All typefaces of Mark van Wageningen are experiments with deconstructuvist materials, translated into a digital language. He is the founder of Atelier van Wageningen, a graphic design studio based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

[Mark van Wageningen, October 2009]


Fonts designed by Mark van Wageningen:

Linotype Cerny
Gagarin Anna
Gagarin Boris
Gagarin Hektor
Gagarin Igor
Gagarin Jouri
Gagarin Leonora
Gagarin Magda
Gagarin Ossip
Gagarin Petrov
Linotype Laika
NT Novo Alla
NT Novo Bila
NT Novo Cela
NT Novo Dada
NT Novo Enno
NT Novo Fika
NT Novo Gigo
Linotype Sjablony
NT Zkumavka

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