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Guy Jeffrey Nelson

Guy Jeffrey Nelson apprenticed with the Font Bureau in 1994, learning from the likes of his pal Tobias Frere-Jones and David Berlow. He released his first retail font Providence with FontShop International, and soon after released Interstate Pi One and Tasse with Font Bureau, for whom he continues to draw custom fonts.

While at Font Bureau, Guy Jeff discovered an interest on new media, creating and designing DesignahSign!, an promotional interactive floppy for Interstate and InterstatePi. Programmed with the late-night help of Erik van Blokland, DesignahSign! was featured in the first book of International New Media, Graphis New Media One.

In 1995, Guy Jeff founded New Studio, a design firm specializing in " media, newer media and print". New Studio, located in Watertown, MA, develops corporate identities and cross-platform communications such as web sites, user interfaces and multimedia presentations for clients including Bay Networks, Bright Tiger Technologies, Digital Equipment Corporation, Microsoft, and 3Com.

Guy Jeff is a 1992 graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design. He lectures to design students across New England on Multimedia and Interactive Design, and prays for the MacOS every Sunday.

[Font Bureau, October 2003]

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