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Guisela Mendoza

Guisela Mendoza

Information about the typeface designer Guisela Mendoza and her fonts.

Guisela Mendoza was born in Concepción, Chile, in 1980, and studied Graphic Design in 2001 at DuocUC, Concepción. In 2007 she took a certificate in Visual Comunication at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, Santiago. In 2010 she studied a degree in Design and Innovation at Universidad Mayor, Santiago. And in 2013 she took the Creative Summer workshop at the School of Visual Art of New York, NYC.

After working for five years as a teacher and bookbinder in handmade production, in 2010 she started to design typefaces for Latinotype. She now lives in Concepción with her husband and her son making handwriting typefaces, drawings, and all kinds of handmade things.

Among her most well known typeface designs are Ride my Bike, and the dingbat series which includes Dans le cuisine, Dans le jardin, Dans le Noel, and Dans le Toilette.

[Guisela Mendoza, July 2013]

Fonts designed by Guisela Mendoza:

Abel (Latinotype)
Dans Le Cuisine
Dans Le Jardin
Dans Le Noél
Four Seasons
Four Seasons Bold
Four Seasons Dingbats
Four Seasons Ornaments
Four Seasons Words
In a Jar
In a Jar Bold
In a Jar Dingbats
In a Jar Ornaments
Love Story
Love Story Dingbats
Macarons Bold
Macarons Bold Sketch
Macarons Catchwords
Macarons Light
Macarons Ornaments
Macarons Sketch
Printa A
Printa B
Ride my Bike
Ride my Bike Bold

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