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Hellmut G. Bomm

Hellmut G. Bomm was born in 1948 in Backnang (near Stuttgart), Germany, and studied graphic design in 1972 at the Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden, K√ľnste, Stuttgart. Since 1975 he has run his own graphics studio, at the same time screen-printing his own designs, often shown at exhibitions.

Throughout this time he has maintained a passion for type design, and in 1997 his typeface Linotype Humanistika won the second prize in the text category at the second Linotype Digital Type Design Contest. His typeface Scott is included in TakeType 3. Forthcoming additions to the Linotype Library are his text family Nautilus, and another historic font called Bayeux.

[Hellmut G. Bomm, November 2001]

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