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James Montalbano

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James Montalbano

James Montalbano

James Montalbano fell in love with type while cleaning out a California Job Case of 12pt Brush Script. After taking all the graphic arts courses he could in high school and college, he started teaching printing to middle school students in New Jersey. When asked to teach wood shop he quit and went to grad school, eventually finding work in the wild world of NYC type shops and magazine art departments. After spending too much time in meetings as a publications design director he worked in packaging until pharmaceutical folding cartons made him ill.

He incorporated Terminal Design on the terminal moraine in Brooklyn in 1990. He honed his skills making and modifying custom typefaces for clients like Vanity Fair, Glamour, Details, Vogue, Lucky, Warner Music, and anyone else who could afford it. This allowed him time to begin creating the large retail type library Terminal Design has today.

[James Montalbano, November 2017]

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