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Hermann Eidenbenz (1902-1993)

Hermann Eidenbenz was a Swiss graphic artist and stamp designer. He was born in India, where his father managed several companies, and studied graphic arts in Switzerland, first at Orell F├╝ssli in Zurich, and then in the Kunstgewerbeschule (School of Applied Arts) in Zurich. In 1926 he started teaching at the Handwerkerschule (arts and crafts school) in Magdeburg, and in 1932 he opened his own graphic studio in Basel with his brothers Reinhold and Willi.

In 1945 he designed Graphique for Haas Type Foundry, and then in 1950 Clarendon. In 1947 he designed the lettering which is still used today for car number plates in Switzerland, and he designed several banknotes and stamps for use in Switzerland and Germany. He died in 1993 in Basel.

[DJD, April 2016]

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