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Andriy Konstantynov

Andriy Konstantynov

Information about the typeface designer Andriy Konstantynov and his fonts.

Andriy Konstantynov was born in Moscow in 1981, he later moved to Tallinn, Estonia, and then to Kiev, Ukraine. In 2002 he graduated from the National Technical University of Ukraine. He has been a practicing graphic designer since 1998 and a type designer since 2004.

Since both major languages in Ukraine use the Cyrillic script, Andriy's main focus in type design is the creation of multi-language typefaces that contain the Cyrillic character set.

[Andriy Konstantynov, May 2013]

Fonts designed by Andriy Konstantynov:

Clinica Black
Clinica Bold
Clinica Thin
Cyntho Black
Cyntho Bold
Cyntho Slab
Cyntho Slab Black
Cyntho Slab Bold
Cyntho Slab Thin
Cyntho Thin
Espuma Black
Espuma Bold
Espuma Light
Guarda Sans
Guarda Sans Black
Guarda Sans Bold
Guarda Sans Light
Lytiga Black
Lytiga Condensed
Lytiga Condensed Black
Lytiga Condensed Thin
Lytiga Extended
Lytiga Extended Black
Lytiga Extended Thin
Lytiga Thin
Pancetta Black
Pancetta Bold
Pancetta Serif
Pancetta Serif Black
Pancetta Serif Bold
Pancetta Serif Thin
Pancetta Thin
Ristretto Black
Ristretto Bold
Ristretto Slab
Ristretto Slab Black
Ristretto Slab Bold
Ristretto Slab Thin
Ristretto Thin
Vitra Sans
Vitra Sans Black
Vitra Sans Light

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