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Sue Zafarana

Sue Zafarana was born in Boston, Massachusetts, 1955. She started her Type Journey at Compugraphic (Wilimington Massachussetts, now known as AGFA/Monotype) in 1977 redrawing metal type specimens for phototypesetters. Then she continued on to convert fonts for use in their digital equipment, while adding new characters to designs for international support.

She relocated to Bitstream Inc. ( in 1984 to participate in the development of the first Digital Font Library. After two years as a Senior Designer, she moved into the custom font group where she is still the Director of Custom Font Production. This group is responsible for all custom design and technical development.

During her "free" time, Sue works on new designs, such as Rostra, with her husband, Steve, for Tail Spin Studio (

[Sue Zafarana, October 2004]

Fonts designed by Sue Zafarana

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