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Dennis Pasternak

Dennis Pasternak was born in Holyoke, Massachusetts, USA in 1952 and studied graphic design at Massachusetts College of Art. He is a currently a founding partner and Principal Designer for Galapagos Design Group, Inc. located in Littleton, Massachusetts.

His expertise is in the history, design, marketing and technological issues of the font industry. Before becoming one of the founders of Galapagos Design Group in 1994, he worked for several companies in the font industry, including Compugraphic Corporation, Autologic, Inc., and Bitstream, Inc.

His original designs include the Bartholeme family, Baltra GD, the Bing family, Biscoe Condensed, the Maiandra GD family, ITC Stylus, and the Chianti BT family.

[Dennis Pasternak, November 2002]

Fonts designed by Dennis Pasternak

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