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Brenda Gallo

Brenda Gallo was born in 1987 in Rosario, Argentina.

I'm a Tattoo Artist and love design in all its forms. I've always loved drawing letters and use them in my artwork.

Since not long ago, I discovered this art form: typography and type design. I owe that to a good friend who is my teacher too, because I'm learning to design type and I love it.

I think the written word has tremendous power, a significance and importance that goes beyond the limits of time and space. So I love letters, shaping them makes the graphic message beautiful. That's what I want to convey to all lovers of letters.

Spirax was my first published font. At this moment I'm working on the Quattrocento family. You can see my work on Impallari.

[Brenda Gallo, February 2012]


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