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Jessica Hische

Jessica Hische

After graduating from Tyler School of Art with a degree in Graphic Design, Jessica worked for Headcase Design before taking a position as senior designer at Louise Fili Ltd. Spending her days learning about fancy typography with Louise, she continued developing her freelance career at night. After two and a half years of little sleep and a lot of lettering, she left to pursue lettering and illustration further and to try her hand at type design. Jessica and her work have since been featured in many publications, she has traveled the world speaking about lettering and illustration, and she has probably consumed enough coffee to power a small nation.

Jessica spends most of her non-working hours at home watching Battlestar Galactica with her talented better half and their two kitties, or out and about consuming pork-fat rich meals and fancy cocktails. To keep up with her day to day antics you can follow her on twitter but be prepared for stupid cat videos and bizarro medical facts.

[Jessica Hische, May 2011]


Twitter: @jessicahische

Fonts designed by Jessica Hische

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