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Jim Spiece

Information about the typeface designer Jim Spiece and his fonts.

Jim Spiece was born in Wabash, Indiana (USA) in 1946 and graduated from Indiana University (Bloomington) in 1969. After working in advertising at Ogilvy & Mather in New York City, he left to set up his own graphic design studio, Spiece Graphics, back in Indiana.

Jim is an illustrator and graphic designer and has worked with many clients including ABC Publishing, International Typeface Corporation, R.R. Donnelley, U.S. News & World Report, and Ziff Davis Media. He currently lives in Fort Wayne, Indiana with his wife Glenda.

He has revived such classic typefaces families as Bernhard Gothic and Eve as well as created stand-alone originals such as Kingsbury Condensed Book and Mingo Gothic.

[Jim Spiece, September 2002]


Fonts designed by Jim Spiece (A-R):

  A-R  S-Z  

Adonis Old Style SG
Anthology SG
Arched Gothic Condensed SG
Ark Monogram SG Center
Ark Monogram SG Left
Ark Monogram SG Oval Frames
Ark Monogram SG Right
Astoria Antique SG
Aviator SG
Bernhard Brushscript SG
Bernhard Gothic SG
Beverly Shores Script SG
Birdlegs SG
ITC Blair
Cactus Flower Open SG
Cactus Flower Solid SG
California Poster SG
Centric Geo SG
Centric Serif SG
Concerto Rounded SG
ITC Deli Deluxe
ITC Deli Supreme
Edison Swirl SG
El Castillo SG
Epicerie One SG
Epicerie Two SG
Eva Antiqua SG Black
Eva Antiqua SG Heavy
Eva Antiqua SG Light
Eva Paramount SG Ultra
Frisco Antique Display SG
Gable Antique Condensed SG
Gambit Nouveau SG
Grand Slam SG
Headline Helpers SG
Headline Helpers Two SG
Hollywood Deco SG
Ironman SG
Kingsbury SG Condensed
Kolinsky Sable SG
Little Brown Frog SG
Melrose Modern One SG
Melrose Modern Two SG
Memorandum SG
Metropolis SG
Mingo Gothic SG
Narcissus SG
Narcissus SG Open
ITC New Winchester
Newport Classic SG
Nicolas Jenson SG
Pacific Clipper SG
Panorama SG
Quaint Gothic SG

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