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Steve Zafarana

Steve Zafarana was born in Boston, MA in 1951 and was immediately drawn to the comic strip pages of the local papers.

After studying painting and design in art school he eventually found himself working at Compugraphic in the type design department. Seven years later he left and went to Bitstream where he helped create the world's first digital font library. After ten years he and four other designers from Bitstream broke off and started Galápagos Design Group. It was here that his love of cartooning surfaced again in the form of

ITC Fontoonies, ITC Gargoonies, and ITC Backyard Beasties, along with a bunch of fonts that actually have letters in them.

He is currently employed at Bitstream again as a graphic designer and type designer. At night he can be found in his studio drawing letters and cartoon critters and turning them loose on the world in the form of fonts. They are available for sale at under his company name of Tail Spin Studio. He has also begun putting some of his characters to work in little Flash animations.

The studio also houses his plastic dinosaur and Godzilla collection. Occasionally his wife and cat poke there heads in to say hello. They never stay for very long.

[Steve Zafarana, February 2006]

Fonts designed by Steve Zafarana

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