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Nina Hons

Nina Hons

Information about the typeface designer Nina Hons and her fonts.

Nina Hons, née David, was born in Germany in 1974. She studied communication design at Art Center College of Design. Since finishing her education with a bachelor of fine arts with honors she has worked as a leading design director. She advises customers, manages projects, develops guidelines, designs and presents new ideas. Her work received awards for good design and was shown in national and international publications repeatedly. Among others she worked for Citibank, Deutsche Telekom, Lexus, Siemens, Sony and Toyota.

In 1998 Nina Hons was rewarded a certificate of typographic excellence from the Type Directors Club in New York.

[Nina Hons, June 2008]


Fonts designed by Nina Hons:

Longing Ornaments
Mein Schatz
Mein Schatz Bold
Mein Schatz Swash
Sweet Home
Sweet Home Sans Serif
Sweet Home Stitch Pitch
Uni F

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