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Felix Braden

Felix Braden

Felix Braden studied Communication Design at Trier University of Applied Sciences with Prof. Andreas Hogan and worked with Jens Gehlhaar at Gaga Design. He co-founded Glashaus Design, is an art director at MWK, and works as a type designer in Cologne, Germany. In 2000 he founded the free font foundry Floodfonts and designed numerous free typefaces, which are available as webfonts via Adobe Fonts.

His commercial fonts are distributed by Monotype (FF Scuba), Floodfonts (Capri, Sadness, Grimoire), URW++ (Supernormale), Volcanotype (Bikini), and Ligature Inc. (Tuna, as a cooperation with Alex Rütten), and are all available via MyFonts.

FF Scuba is one of the winners of the Communication Arts Typography Annual 2013, and was an honorable mention in Typographica’s Favorite Typefaces of 2012, in Typefacts Best Fonts of 2012, in FontShop’s Best Types 2012, and in Typecache’s Favorite Typefaces of 2012. Kontiki was nominated for the German Design Award 2019.

[Felix Braden; Photo © Ines Ruden, October 2018]


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