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Christopher Slye

Information about the typeface designer Christopher Slye and his fonts.

Christopher Slye was raised in Los Altos, California, watching new technologies unfold in the Silicon Valley of the 1970s and 1980s. After studying art history at college in Santa Cruz and considering a career as a cartoonist, he began working as a graphic designer around the San Francisco Bay area.

Drawn to the discipline and mystery of type design, he sought to educate himself in its history and technology, which has led him to type-related work for clients such as Monotype Typography and Sun Microsystems.

While he often takes a modernist approach to his design work, he remains fascinated by the organic and ornamental shapes of traditional humanist letter forms. He hopes to continue his exploration and design of text typefaces in the many years to come.

[Font Bureau, October 2003]

Fonts designed by Christopher Slye:


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