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Greg Thompson

Born in Nebraska USA in 1958, Greg Thompson started classical piano at age 6, remembers the smell of heart pine cut with a saw, the feel of maple building blocks, and wooden Tinker Toys. He delighted in riding wheelies on a purple Schwinn Stingray. At age 18 he departed home in a green 1963 Rambler Classic his father had bought new, and worked in the L.A. recording industry for 5 years, ultimately for renowned mixer Bill Schnee.

Greg earned a degree in industrial design at Art Center College of Design in 1985 while continuing to design products, graphics and music environments for the recording industry. Today Greg can occasionally be seen driving around a small town with three energetic children in the back of a white Ford dually crew cab pickup. Otherwise he draws type, works via the www for clients on both coasts, and regularly straps on a tool belt to remodel and enlarge his American vernacular wood frame house.

[Font Bureau, October 2003]

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