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Ong Chong Wah

Information about the typeface designer Ong Chong Wah and his fonts.

Ong Chong Wah was born in Malaysia, and studied graphic design in England. He worked as a designer in advertising for several years, and started designing type in 1984.

He worked for Monotype, both as an in-house designer, and as a freelance designer, and developed several fonts in the Monotype Imaging Library.

[DJD, April 2005]

Fonts designed by Ong Chong Wah:

Abadi Condensed
Abadi Condensed Extra Bold
Abadi Condensed Light
Abadi Extra Bold
Abadi Extra Light
Bookman Old Style
Bookman Old Style Bold
Chong Modern
Chong Old Style
Chong Old Style Extra Bold
Chong Old Style Light
Delima Extra Bold
Mahsuri Sans
Ocean Sans
Ocean Sans Bold
Ocean Sans Extended
Ocean Sans Extra Bold

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