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Dmitry Kirsanov

Dmitry Kirsanov

Dmitry Kirsanov was born in Orenburg, Russia, in 1965. Graduated from the Orenburg Art School in 1987, worked as freelance designer for Yuzhnyi Ural publishing company in Orenburg. In 1996 graduated from Moscow State University of Printing (formerly known as Moscow Printing Institute).

Since 1997 Kirsanov works at Moscow State University of Printing at the Department of Print Design as an instructor in typographic design, type design and computer graphics. He is an instructor in typographic design, type design and computer graphics at Moscow State Art-industrial University named after Stroganov.

Since 1996 he designs typefaces for ParaType. Kirsanov is the author of several articles on type and typography. He is an author of Mas d'Azil text and pictorial fonts based on ancient wall art (Diploma at type contest 'Kirillitsa'99'); digital version of Magistral, typeface based on a display typeface of Andrey Kryukov (1923-1998), and of several Cyrillic versions of ITC and Bitstream fonts (Diploma at 'Golden Bee' Biennale, 1996, for type ITC Bodoni 72).

Among his most well known typeface designs are Magistral, MagMixer, Mas d`Azil, Mas d`Azil Symbol, ITC Bodoni 72 Cyrillic, ITC Bodoni 72 Swash Cyrillic, ITC Franklin Gothic (Condensed, Compressed and Extra Compressed) Cyrillic, News Gothic Cyrillic, Venetian 301 Cyrillic, Dom Cyrillic.

[Dmitry Kirsanov, September 2007]

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